What we do

The Novum Group is a consortium of diversified and adept companies brought together by the commonality of Web3 and Fintech.

Singapore (HQ)

Ideate & Integrate

We help companies integrate blockchain and financial technology into their existing or new business models to build a more efficient and cohesive ecosystem. Working together with business owners, we are involved from ideation to go-to-market execution.


Invest & Scale

Through our advisory and venture fund, we work with entrepreneurs to build and grow in the Web3 and financial services industries.

Currently, one of our most successful portfolio companies is TradeHeroes, a leading multi-asset automated trading platform.


Educate & Collaborate

At Novum, we believe in working hand-in-hand with industry partners. The blockchain and fintech community is fragmented, but we do better as a whole by pooling resources together across countries and companies.

We operate HYFI Conference which serves as a platform to bring industry leaders together.